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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Vice President’s Message

Welcome to MREI. We are driven by the desire to help students attain the highest level of professional educational excellence. Everything we do leads toward one outcome: distinction. We are committed to fulfilling the MREI promise.

This is a powerful motivator for us, and we embrace the responsibilities inherent in fulfilling that promise. We take to heart the words of our visionary founder, who foresaw Manav Rachna as a natural partner both for the region’s ambitions and to address the well-being of the community. For him, none was more important for MREI’s academic eminence and impact than an insistence on recruiting and supporting the finest faculty in the world. This remains our standard. Our success depends upon the constant commitment of faculty who recognise that generating ideas that enrich understanding, enhance human life, contribute to the stewardship of the world’s cultures, and create the environment for inquiry-based education form the core of MREI’s inheritance and its future.

We are one of a kind, and we know you are too. Here, students receive a career-focused education in a one-of-a-kind environment. Education is not limited to the classroom, as students have opportunities to be involved in every aspect of our mission. The integration of contemporary research and service is an inseparable component of the educational experience. Our students receive a robust education and an experience, which includes inter-professional, innovative learning opportunities, as well as the chance to go beyond the classroom with industrial and real-world exposure.

The most promising part of education here is the outcome. Our programmes are the gateway to the promising futures, and our students graduate as career-ready professionals, entering sectors that are in high demand. We invite you to see for yourself.

Students from all walks of life, backgrounds and experiences are welcome here. We value them individuals. Students recognize this the moment they walk through our door and thrive in the close-knit atmosphere. When they leave, they do so as our best and brightest because we foster their potential and brilliance. Join us.

Dr. Amit Bhalla, Vice President MREI

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