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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000


Department of Public Health Dentistry


Mission statement
“Prevention Pays! We work to improve the health of the people in the NCR by preventing dental illness, promoting healthy choices and protecting oral health.”

Curricula Highlights
In final BDS, clinical, outreach and theoretical knowledge is imparted to the students through lectures, clinical teaching and oral health screening and treatment camps. Hands on knowledge of epidemiology are provided through surveys and indices. Students are trained to impart oral health awareness in community through health talks and street plays.

Research Innovation Catalyst Course

Department of Public Health Dentistry has initiated a Research Innovation Catalyst (RIC) Course for BDS students as a part of their mandatory curriculum. This course is empowering the students with research and development skills as well as innovative thinking in order to be able to take up various research and innovation projects regarding healthcare problems.

Under this program, weekly lectures about research methodology are being taken by the department faculty members. In addition to the lectures and classroom teaching, the students have also taken up research projects for which they have been assigned dedicated mentors. Among these students, five students had applied for ICMR projects also. The discussion and guidance about these research projects is done through weekly contact sessions between students and their research mentors. The research mentors also meet with each other and discuss the research projects taken up by their students once a month. Faculty development programs are being conducted to update the knowledge of Mentors. Through this initiative, we want that every undergraduate student of our institution shall publish/ present their papers at various national or international platforms/ journals.

Satellite Centres

The Department is running three satellite centres in Faridabad. One is located at Sidhata Ashram, and second is in Anangpur village. The urban centre is located at Sector 15, Faridabad.

Outreach Activities (Dental Camps)

The department undertakes a plethora of outreach activities to benefit the population in and around NCR, New Delhi. From 2006 till today, we had screened more than 1lakh people and has treated more than 10,000 patients at various dental camps. We have collaborations with SOS village, NTPC, NHPC, Muskan NGO, SHEOWS NGO, Dr. OP Bhalla Foundation, Prayas NGO, Rotary clubs, Lions Clubs etc. We coduct screening and treatment camps, oral health awareness camps, street plays, rallies, health mela and distribution of oral hygiene kits. Till date about 450 villages, residential areas, schools and other institutions in and around Faridabad have been screened and treated for oral disease. Department of Public Health Dentistry ensures a further strengthening of interaction with the community and the support of community-oriented programs.



Latest News

Departmental Activities

Research Profile of the Department

Department of Public Health Dentistry is proactively involved in high quality research and innovation. Department faculties have many high quality publications in indexed national and international journals to their credit. This includes international collaborative research with faculty of public health with Jackson State University, Mississippi, USA and School of Dentistry, Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Three international pubmed indexed papers have been published. The collaborative researches with these universities are continuing with two upcoming collaborative paper presentations at American Public Health Association conference at USA and one upcoming study with faculty at Jazan University.

Additionally, the faculty members from the department are mentoring innovation projects on patient centered care and connected care. Two innovations of the department are funded by DST, GOI under NEWGEN-IDC Scheme.

The faculty members have also been invited for idea pitching at Google Headquarters, BOSTON, USA. Dr. Ankur Sharma had been invited as guest speakers at International patient safety and quality control conference held at Singapore. The Faculty actively presents original research papers at various National and international platforms regularly. Many faculty members are reviewers for various international Pubmed Indexed journals. Two international reference books have been authored from the department. Dr. Meena Jain and Dr. Nisha Rani Yadav has won awards for best paper presentations at National conferences.

We actively take part in postgraduate research teaching. Dr. Meena Jain is the Ph.D coordinator of the institution and Head, Research Innovation catalyst. We take weekly lectures for postgraduates for research methodology and regularly guide them in their research work and thesis. Dr. Meena jain is Co-guide to PG students of other departments and had published interdisciplinary research papers with them.

Department faculty members are also involved in guiding the students for Indian Council of Medical Research, Short Term Studentship projects. These projects cover varied research fields like salivary biomarkers, blood donation and tobacco related behaviours among other projects. These projects help the students to achieve research profile that is required for their future career growth.

The research topics being covered by the departmental faculty indicate their varying research interests in fields including health risk behaviours, health promotion, patient centred care, connected care, geriatric care, health education, infectious disease and chronic disease. The researches include clinical research as well as public health field research.

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